Areas of Tax Expertise

Schedule A
Itemized Deductions Medical Expenses State Income Taxes, Sales Tax, Property Tax Mortgage, Investment Interest, Charity Unreimbursed Business Expenses Schedule B
Interest and Dividends Interest, Tax Exempt Interest, Bond Premiums, OID Dividends, Qualified Dividends, Capital Gain Distributions Schedule C
Self Employment for Sole Proprietor Qualified Business Income Deduction (QBI)

We can help maximize your deductions, minimize your tax bill and ensure that future returns are less stressful.

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The professionals at Tax Center of Cary and Morrisville have more than fifty years experience preparing and filing individual tax returns.

Schedule D
Stock, Mutual Funds, Bonds Sales

  • Restricted Stock Units (RSU)
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP)
  • Options (ISO)
  • Publically Traded Partnerships (PTP)
  • K-1’s


Schedule E
Rental Properties

  • Rental Properties
  • Personal Residence with Very Limited Rental Use
  • Vacation Rentals
  • Sale of Rental Properties
  • Depreciation and Recapture of Depreciation



  • Dependent Care Credit, Child Tax Credit, EIC Credit
  • Education Credits (American Opportunity Credit, Lifetime learning Credit)
  • W-2’s, Unemployment, Other Income
  • Retirement income, Social Security, Pensions, IRA Distributions

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